National Permanentl​y Ends Funding for Existing Chapters

Chapter Members,

During the Unity Convention in Las Vegas, the previous National Board decided to permanently end funding for existing chapters. Given National’s financial difficulties, the Association has not provided funding to our chapter in the past two years.

Our NAHJ DC Chapter Board wrote a letter to National President, Hugo Balta, asking him and the Current Board to reconsider investing in Chapters by providing quartering membership grants. In the past, National would give Chapters 50 percent of the membership dues each quarter based on the number of members who joined and checked the respective chapter box. The current National Board decided to table the discussion and have a committee look into the matter.

Our Chapter has never charged a Chapter membership fee. We understand for some of our members it is already a sacrifice to pay the $75 national membership dues each year. Our NAHJ DC Chapter Board once again decided against charging a Chapter membership fee.

This does not change our plans for the future. We will continue to provide affordable workshops, networking opportunities, and membership meetings with newsroom leaders and news makers. We look forward to seeing you at our monthly activities.

Brandon Benavides
Chapter President
twitter: nahjdc

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