Camille Edwards, Vice President of News and News Director at NBC4; Felix Contreras, Producer at NPR; and Anne Hoyt from Grupo Radio Centro discussed their careers and gave advice to students at American University on Thursday, November 17, 2011. A dozen students gathered at the TV Studio inside AU’s Media Production Center. The discussion was taped and will be available soon. Special Thanks to NAHJ Member and AU Professor Jill Olmsted for arranging the taping.

Brandon Benavides, NAHJ DC Chapter President; Camille Edwards, Vice President of News and News Director at NBC4; Felix Contreras, Producer at NPR; and Anne Hoyt from Grupo Radio Centro discuss careers in journalism. (Photo from: Azhar Alfadl)

Click HERE for full video of the session (Courtesy of American University)

–NAHJ career panel: I’ve been successful because I’m hungry,and have never taken no for an answer. #nahjstudents
–Felix Contreras: tv news burnt me out but then found an ad for work at npr #nahjstudents
–NAHJ career panel- Ann Hoyt: I wanted to combine art with real hitting stories #nahjstudents
–NAHJ career panel: Felix Contreras talking about the difference between English and Spanish media #nahjstudents
–Felix Contreras: The biggest difference btwn English and Spanish media when I started were the resources.less in spanish media #nahjstudents
–Felix Contreras:I made an emphasis on making the Spanish speaking community learn abt other communities where we were in Fresno#nahjstudents
–Camille Edwards- staying in touch with people in the business can help get a foot in the door #nahjstudents
–Camille Edwards- Diversity is important in the Newsroom. At NBC,it is unacceptable not to have a diverse pool of candidates.
–Camille Edwards (on internships) look professional. Give the appearance that You are ready. #nahjsudents
–Camille Edwards : get to know people in the hiring position.
–Felix Contreras: (on internships) ask yourself, how can I stand out from all the other interns? #nahjstudents
–Ann Hoyt: start working at local stations to get lots of experience,no matter how big you aspire to be #nahjstudents
–Felix Contreras: if you are in a local market,know your market back and forth. #nahjsudents
–Camille Edwards: common misconception is that we only cover Capitol Hill. We along do stories about communities in this area. #nahjstudents
–Felix Contreras: (abt digital footprint) You have to understand which organization you’re eyeing and think how u can use digital media there
–Camille Edwards: (about grad degrees) a grad degree is an individual decision. It all depends what you do with it. #nahjstudents
–Ann Hoyt: it is important to still stay in touch with academia. #nahjstudents
–Camille Edwards: contrary to what some might say, there are still jobs in the field! #nahjstudents
–Felix Contreras: broaden your horizons, consider work in other places,other countries. #nahjstudents
–Ann Hoyt: on the web there are content farms where you can put up all your work. #nahjstudents
–Camille Edwards: while you’re at school,make sure you nurture your hobbies (on balancing work and personal life) #nahjstudents


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