We are planning an affordable workshop series in the Spring. We would like to know which topics interest you. We will offer the top three workshops over the months of March through May. Please email your choices to:  Also tell us if you can present or organize a workshop.

  • Video production for web: This workshop will teach you the basics of shooting and editing. Our team will take you outdoors to teach you how to shoot strategically so that your editing process will be easier. You will use the video you shot and learn how to put together a video sequence using Final Cut Pro.
  • Online resume: Online resumes are the best way to make your work visible and accessible to potential employers. This workshop will teach you how to purchase a web domain on WordPress, and then select appropriate templates for your online resume. We will teach you how to set up a digital resume that is professional yet eye-catching.
  • One-man band: These days, journalists are expected to have a wide skill set. This workshop will introduce you to all the affordable tools you need to be a one-man band: a photographer, producer, editor and reporter. We will show you how to use easy-to-use, low-cost cameras, recorders and editing software to produce multimedia work.
  • Writing workshop: Take your news writing to the next level in all mediums: print, broadcast, and web.  This is a good refresher course for journalists who have not written in a while or for those looking to sharpen their writing skills.
  • Radio Story Telling: Learn to use sound to tell stories. Develop your storytelling skills and review equipment and audio elements needed for a great audio story.

Once we decide on the workshop topics, we will open registration for the series. Here’s the cost: One workshop is $30, Two workshops $50, and Three workshops $65. Special thanks to Azhar Miranda and Rosabla Ruiz for spearheading this workshop series.
One more reminder, please renew your NAHJ membership online. We posted a link on

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