NBCUniversal Refocuses on Hispanic Community Via Spanish Speakers on Noticiero Telemundo and English Speakers on NBCLatino.com

(Courtesy: José Antonio Acevedo) More than 2 dozen NAHJ D.C. members met at the Telemundo/ NBC NewsChannel/ CNBC Capitol Hill Bureau. Lori Montengo from Noticiero Telemundo hosted our meeting. Chris Peña from NBCLatino.com came in from New York City to talk about the new project.

Thanks to all who attended the meeting at the Telemundo/NBC NewsChannel Capitol Hill Bureau.
@llmontenegro we work closely with the other networks we share this building with.it is a family affair #telemundo #nbclatino
@llmontenegro talks about getting started in Spanish radio “I didn’t think my Spanish was good enough for radio”
@NAHJDCLoving the Spanglish/Bilingual talk with @llmontenegro !
@penachristian will now tell us about NBC Latino #nahj
@penachrisian NBC’a marching order was “we want a Spanish language website”
@penachristian we had to build a car,but first find the parts re:what it was like to build NBCLatino as part of 2 person team#nahj#nbclatino
@penachrisian about audience: younger population is still deciding what news confer they want to use #nahj #nbclatino
@penachristian just because we are Latino doesn’t mean we at NBC Latino sit around drinking cafecito talking about the DREAM Act #nahj
RT @NAHJDC @penachrisian we give our users credit for being smart,proud of where they are from and where they are going #nahj #nbclatino

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