Thank You

Photo Courtesy Franklin Garcia

Dear NAHJers,

Thank you for being a part of Una Noche con Periodistas!

Every member who bought a ticket, cooked a dish, brought food, cut fruit and veggies, designed our event logo, volunteered their services for auction, volunteered to play the congas and beat the drums, and those who invited a friend to come … all of you… made our chapter fundraiser a wonderful success.

A big thank you to Ray Suarez and his wife, Carol, for opening up their home on a Saturday night.

We are still working on the final financial report from the fundraiser and auction. I can tell you that we raised more than our projected profit of $400. We made enough money to replenish the $800 our chapter spent on sending three people to UNITY this year, the $800 spent on sending three people to the NAHJ convention in Orlando last year and
the $100 we spent on the MegaMixer last fall. We also replenished the $51.82 we had spent over the past two years to maintain our chapter website.

Once our treasurer, Rosalba Ruiz, finishes crunching the numbers, we will release the grand total. If anyone took pictures or video, please let us know. We would like to include them in our write-up on the website.

Mil gracias a todos.
Brandon Benavides
Chapter President

See El Ojo Latino coverage of the event here
See coverage of the event here

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