Members Brush Up Their Radio Skills at NPR

















NAHJDC ‏@NAHJDC Radio workshop underway at NPR. @NAHJ Felix Contreras is leading the workshop.
NAHJDC ‏@NAHJDC We are listening to good examples of the use of sound.
NAHJDC ‏@NAHJDC 18 people are spending their saturday morning learning what makes a good radio story.
NAHJDC ‏@NAHJDC AUDIO CLIP: Good use of sound from Felix Contreras.
NAHJDC ‏@NAHJDC Contreras says he used different techniques to record a band. Good use of natural sound. A freelancer also recorded rain sound.
NAHJDC ‏@NAHJDC In his example, he uses the rain as natural sound under the interview.
NAHJDC ‏@NAHJDC Contreras recorded all his interviews seperately. Then he recorded natural sound to use underneath: band, rain, street sounds, etc…
NAHJDC ‏@NAHJDC You can follow Felix Contreras too. @felixatjazz
Brian De Los Santos ‏@bdelossantos1 @nprnews workshop with @NAHJDC. Use logic when using speech and nat sound-Felix Contreras
NAHJDC ‏@NAHJDC More than a dozen members pack the @NPRNews training room in Washington DC. @felixatjazz is leading our workshop
Brian De Los Santos ‏@bdelossantos1 Felix Contreras showing @NAHJDC techniques for audio recording. workshop.
NAHJDC ‏@NAHJDC NPR workshop w/ @felixatjazz :freelancers have the best chance of getting their stories broadcast if they have a
relationship with an editor
NAHJDC ‏@NAHJDC ‪#NPR‬ radio workshop w/ @felixatjazz- great tip: wear quiet clothes and shoes! the mic can pick up the sound of hard shoe soles on the floor
NAHJDC ‏@NAHJDC @felixatjazz : some interviewees get excited when they talk (especially latinas!). move mic away when he/she starts to get more animated
NAHJDC ‏@NAHJDC @felixatjazz : recording yourself asking the interviewee a question can be a useful storytelling tool. it adds drama .
NAHJDC ‏@NAHJDC Lunch from Rocklands BBQ.
NAHJDC ‏@NAHJDC What to do use: It’s one of three devices most used. Marants professional solid state recorder pmd629. We will send other devices
Brian De Los Santos ‏@bdelossantos1 Is that a gun @felixatjazz is holding? Nope just a mic. @NAHJDC
NAHJDC ‏@NAHJDC @felixatjazz is going over how to edit spots includes track and “ambi,” or ambience sound
NAHJDC ‏@NAHJDC Hands-on training. We are learning how to edit radio spots.
Rosalba Ruíz ‏@rosalbaruiz Learning audio storytelling from radio pros at @NPR with other @NAHJDC members. ‪#journalism‬
Jacqueline Baylon ‏@jackiebaylon @felixatjazz leading @NAHJDC members @npr workshop!
NAHJDC ‏@NAHJDC Editing basic audio cuts. Write scripts first then edit spot
NAHJDC ‏@NAHJDC @felixatjazz is going over audio editing using the MultiTrack Editor program.
NAHJDC ‏@NAHJDC Participants are working with elements used on a previously broadcasted spot, an obit for Puerto Rican guitarist Yomo Toro.
Kaelyn Forde ‏@kaelynforde \ @nahjdc fantastic workshop on writing, editing, pitching and producing quality radio stories at ‪#NPR‬
NAHJDC ‏@NAHJDC We just wrapped up the writing portion. Thanks! Great workshop! @felixatjazz

((Photos Courtesy: Azhar Al Fadl ))

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