Meet our Summer 2017 Charlie Ericksen Supplement Winners: Javier Giribet-Vargas and Miriam Barchilón Elbaz

NAHJ DC is pleased to announce our Summer 2017 Charlie Ericksen Journalism Supplement winners Javier Giribet-Vargas and Miriam Barchilón Elbaz. We had a highly talented pool of applicants this semester and were very impressed with their passion for journalism. Both will be awarded with a supplement worth $500 and be matched with a mentor who works as a journalist in the DC area.

Javier Giribet-Vargas, Intern with NPR’s All Things Considered – Weekend

Image result for Javier Giribet-VargasJavier was born in Distrito Federal, Mexico. He earned an associate’s degree in communication studies form Collin College in 2014. Then, transferred to the University of Texas at Arlington in the Spring of 2015. His first media job was Promotions Clerk for Univision Dallas, where he worked for almost nine months while going to school. Afterwards, NBC Universal hired him as a part-time production assistant, where he worked for over two years.

He started an internship at the North Texas NPR member station in the summer of 2016. He helped with the production of a daily show and reported local stories for the station’s newscast. Afterwards, he became a freelance writer for Al Día Dallas, where he reported on general news, arts and entertainment.

In May, he graduated from UT Arlington with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast communication. Three days after his graduation ceremony, he moved to Washington D.C., where I started working as an intern for NPR’s All Things Considered – Weekend.

His goal after his internship is to work as a producer for NPR, or one of its member stations.

Miriam Barchilón Elbaz, Intern (trainee correspondent) with EFE

Miriam_PictureMiriam Barchilon is a Spanish journalist living one of the most fulfilling professional experiences of her life for the past year in D.C. She’s a trainee correspondent with Efe, a major Spanish speaking newswire, and has been reporting on the new Trump era since just a week before he won the election, with a specific focus on immigration and Hispanic issues. Before, she was a reporter for EFE in Barcelona and worked for a local newspaper. Miriam studied journalism in Barcelona and Canada, with a minor in political science, and is now studying a master in Transmedia Journalism.

Her favorite fields are politics, data journalism and investigative journalism. On her spare time she loves watching Ellen, The Simpsons and Parks and Recreation, enjoys playing sports and going to the beach. She’s passionate about what she does and her goal is excellence. She was born in Ceuta, a Spanish city in the north of Africa, raised in Mallorca, a Spanish island, and has also lived in Barcelona, Bellingham (Washington) and Montreal. She speaks five languages and loves to travel the world, meeting new people and getting to know different cultures. One day, she aspires to make a difference into the lives of extraordinary people whose stories haven’t been told yet and dreams of contributing to good journalism.

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