Proposal: Resolution Allowing Co-Preside​nts

Chapter members,

The Chapter Board voted 2 to 0, passing a resolution that allows
candidates to run for co-presidents on their own accord. Three current
chapter board members running for re-election recused themselves from
the vote.

We will announce the ballot on Monday. The election will happen in July.

Brandon Benavides
Chapter President


I am introducing a resolution allowing chapter co-presidents. Two members nominated themselves to be co-presidents. Right now, the Bylaws do not allow members to elect co-presidents. The NAHJ Atlanta chapter has two co-presidents that were appointed. I would like our chapter co-presidents to be elected on their own accord. I’ve crafted
the following resolution.

I’ve asked the three chapter board members who are running for re-election to recuse themselves from the vote. The board will vote on Friday.

Please email if you wish to comment before the
chapter board votes on the resolution.

Brandon Benavides
Chapter President
Elections Chair

NAHJ Washington, D.C. Chapter Board
Proposal: Resolution Allowing Co-Presidents

WHEREAS, two candidates jointly nominated themselves as co-presidents
for the 2014-2015 term;

WHEREAS, members of the chapter board volunteer their time and talent;

WHEREAS, the candidates are committed to our organization;

WHEREAS, they found a way to lead the chapter that works with their schedules;

WHEREAS, the NAHJ Atlanta Chapter appointed co-presidents;

WHEREAS, the National Bylaws do not provide a means to elect co-presidents;

RESOLVED, the NAHJ Washington D.C. Chapter Board will ask the national
association to amend our Bylaws to allow co-presidents;

RESOLVED, until such action is taken the Chapter Board will allow
co-presidents the option to run for office on their own accord.

One thought on “Proposal: Resolution Allowing Co-Preside​nts

  1. I think it’s a fantastic idea that will likely get more people to run for president/co- presidents, especially those who had not previously considered for that specific office. It could also create more collaboration on major projects, etc.

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